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24 September 2020

Handy tips on keeping your workplace clean

1 September 2020

What goes into disinfecting your office or working premises?

Why do you need to clean the office before you send your workers back? We are well into our Phase 2 of Covid measures.  While the […]
15 August 2020
cleaner at work

Common mistakes people make when they pick a cleaning company

Most people will search for a cleaning service by reaching out on Google or social media, and calling out for a quotation.  What are some of […]
11 August 2020
office cleaning services

6 things to look for in your cleaning service provider

So, what should you look for when deciding on a cleaning contractor for your premises? If you are the office manager in charge of sourcing for […]
28 July 2015

Should you outsource your office cleaning or hire someone yourself?

So, the question that office managers ask themselves is, should you outsource the cleaning function or hire a cleaner yourself?  To answer this, consider the following […]