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Here at Penguin Cleaning Solutions, we are well-equipped to help with everything from carpet shampooing to stain removal, and even complete disinfection or sanitisation of spaces of any kind.

Carpet Cleaning Service

The office carpet is usually taken for granted and only noticed when there are stains or signs of tear and tear. However, if you take a pro-active approach to clean it regularly, this will actually extend their lifespan and help to maintain the corporate image of your company. We are able to incorporate disinfection agents in our cleaning process, thus you can be assured that your health and sanitary concerns will be addressed at the same time.
Protect your office carpets by cleaning them regularly – this helps prevent dirt from staying longer than it should within the fibres!

How does carpet cleaning work?



We look out for areas that need extra attention and care


We move your furniture to make way for our machines to do their jobs


We treat the soiled and high-traffic areas that have been identified with the proper chemicals – this helps disinfect and break down stubborn stains

Scour & Extraction

Our extractor machine frees up surface soil and embedded dirt. Since we use a low foam agent, the carpet will be slightly damp leaving behind a slight fragrance.


We clear off any residual foam and dirt, leaving your carpet to be brighter and all cleaned up! Regular maintenance of your carpet has been shown to extend the lifespan of your carpets.

Office / Home-disinfecting Services

Give your colleagues/loved ones peace of mind and a clean environment by arranging for disinfecting services with us! All your hard surfaces and hi-touch areas (especially relevant for office premises) will be cleaned with NEA-approved disinfectant cleaners which are scented yet powerful against viruses. We recommend different levels of frequency depending on how the area is being used. That is why we will conduct a no-obligation site visit before we quote so we can recommend exactly what you need and no unnecessary additional services. Read here why you should clean your office before allowing your workers to return.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which have experienced a confirmed COVID-19 case on their premises can apply for help to defray part of their disinfection costs (upto 50%) under the Specialised Cleaning Programme. This programme will run from 1 April 2020 to 31 December 2020. For eligibility criteria and more information, please refer to the guidelines here.

We adhere to NEA's advisories for cleaning and disinfecting our customer's premises.

Hi-jet Cleaning

Remove built-up algae and dirt stains from hard floors and outdoor pavings – thereby ensuring cleaner and safer non slip surfaces to walk on

Vinyl / Epoxy Floor Scrubbing

Enhance the lifespan of your floors with regular cleaning for maintenance

High Area Cleaning

Clear the cobwebs off the hard-to-reach areas! We can also help with overhead vents, trunking, exposed ducts, ceilings, etc.

Event Space Cleaning

Planning events? We can help with pre-event and post-event clean-up and ensure the area is spick-and-span for even the most fussy of venue owners. We also supply on-site cleaners and bins for the duration of your event if necessary.